NA Historical Documents

We believe we need to know the history of Narcotics Anonymous in order to understand where we are today, and where we are heading tomorrow.

We are putting together an outline of the History in all areas of Narcotics Anonymous. These are electronic copies of the original documents.

Feel free to read, download, print, or share any or all of the files in this web site. This material belongs to all of the addicts of Narcotics Anonymous.

We only have a part of this history. We are looking for more. If you have any historical data you would like to contribute, feel free to Contact Us and we will add it to this site.

Annual Reports

Basic Texts

Dialog of National Services

Early Recovery Material

Early References to 12 Step Programs for Addicts

Fellowship Newsletters, Editorials, & Essays

History of WSC Committees

It Works, How and Why History

Jimmy K’s Legacy

NA Service Manuals

Narcotics Anonymous History

Newslines and Fellowship Reports

Saby’s NA Speaker Tape Library

Service Committee Material

Service Guides Input and Development

Spanish Literature

Step Writing Guides

Traditions Material

World Service Conference Minutes 1976 – Present

World Services

24-Hour Helpline 866-454-3784

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